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Learn new life skills with proven preparedness & safety tactics. Preparedness isn't one-size-fits-all — so why should your training be? 


Practical Preparedness Mission is to expand your capabilities in the areas of Preparedness. Our goal is to educate, train, and equip you to protect yourself and loved ones in any situation. To accomplish our mission, we offer a variety of training courses led by resident duty professionals to help you build a system of preparedness in mind, body and soul. We believe a prepared community is a stronger community. Thank you for your interest and continued support in Practical Preparedness!

                                                                    "No Chance Taken"




                                      Personal Quote - "Be The Change you Seek"

Timothy Brashier is the Founder and Owner of Practical Preparedness. He is a committed Preparedness/Firearms instructor who works closely with individuals and organizations to develop and administer comprehensive personal-safety and preparedness training programs. 

Timothy is currently the Edmond Oklahoma Chapter President for NAAGA “National African American Gun Association”. Timothy has been in the preparedness & firearms industry for over a decade and holds multiple certifications in preparedness and firearms training. Some of which include: Certified USCCA In The Home Defense Instructor, USSCA Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer and (SDA) Self Defense Act certified firearms instructor.

Andres Carrillo is a USMC Sergeant who served with honors for over 8 years active duty and 2 years active reserved. Sergeant Carrillo served as an Infantry Rifleman with 1st Battalion 5th Marines 1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton California where he deployed three times, two of which were to combat zones in Afghanistan. He had multiple billets assigned to him, two of which include Assistant Patrol Leader and Assistant Convoy Leader. He credits his background for shaping his professional persona; his real world experience in combat zones has helped him develop advance weapons handling skills. 

Sergeant Carrillo is a Formal Combat Marksmanship Instructor aboard Hathcock Rifle Range located at Marine Air Station Miramar California. He has trained over 22,000 Marines in their yearly Rifle Qualifications as well as over 8,000 Marines in their yearly Pistol Qualifications. As a lead Range Instructor, he oversaw the training, coaching, and certification of new range coaches yearly.

Andres Carrillo
Sergeant United States Marine Corps.

Jerry's 45 year career embodies the warrior spirit. He is internationally recognized as an authority in the area of Close-Quarters Hand to Hand Defense. He has been featured in "WHO'S WHO IN KARATE", and has trained in five different arts. He also holds the rank of 8th degree with the title of Shihan.

His specialization is the integration of both empty-hand combat and edged weapons combat, as well as impact weapons, with heavy emphasis on police and self-defense application.  

Jerry Bryant
Master Instructor



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